Insights! (UP MunSci Alumni Society Leadership Training)

Today, I attended this seminar that gave me a whole lot of new insights and lessons that I’ll eventually use in the near future.

I love to lead, to tell you honestly. To lead is one of my true passions (considering the fact that I want to do public service in the future). It is stressful, complicated, and mind-wrecking but it’s fun. To have led people into success is such a fulfillment for me. Helping other people to see what I’m seeing, achieve what we all want to achieve, strive for something we all want is an amazing journey.

Luckily, I was one of the few students who were handpicked to attend this seminar. The seminar was hosted by the UP MunSci Alumni Society, “ a socio-civic organization composed of Students and Alumni from University of the Philippines-Los Baños that aims to bring back the Honor and Excellence to their very own Alma Mater, Muntinlupa Science High School.”

The theme which states: MunSci Student Leaders Toward Achieving an Integrated ASEAN Community was the center or the key topic of the program. The seminar was centered towards the proper development of the student leaders and their supposed inclination towards achieving ASEAN integration.

Our first speaker was the board topnotcher of the licensure exams for nutritionists, R-Jay Esposo. He talked about the 10 Qualities of a Good Leader (based from John Maxwell’s 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Good Leader), the reasons why we lead, how we should lead, and who or what a leader is. I learned a lot from his example from Pixar’s Finding Nemo which tells us that in order to be a good leader we must have a sharp mind, commitment, faith, and trust

The second speaker was Ernest Calayag who is the former National Secretary General of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines. He gave a crash course to Entrepreneurship and the importance of  ASEAN Integration. He basically taught us how entrepreneurship works and its relation to what’s happening between countries.

After that we had a team-building activity in which we are tasked to think of a way to protect the egg in such a way that when it is thrown from the 4th floor, it’s not supposed to break using drinking straws and tape. Unfortunately, our group weren’t successful but some groups were and I think the important lesson was teamwork and of course to use our big brains to its full extent otherwise, what is its use?

The third speaker was Mary Therese Paras who graduated from Ateneo de Manila University (BS Management) and was in an exchange student program and was given the opportunity to study in Macau and is now in law school. Basically, she’s done everything that I want to do in the near future soooo… Anyway she talked about the importance of self-awareness in becoming a leader. She told us to use the SWOT-analysis which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and how important it was to ask ourselves questions and how important it was to be self-aware so that we’d be able to carry out our tasks efficiently. It’s about accepting what we can and cannot do and it’s also about our ability to accept that we have weaknesses but with that we have strengths that we can showcase to our advantage.

After that we asked her tips on how to survive law school and she answered that it requires a lot of coffee, little sleep, and of course, studying. Also, she told us that in the entrance test for Ateneo, we could use the essay portion to our advantage especially if we could write and speak english well.

Of course, it was fun. I had fun. Although, I almost dozed off at some parts. But I got the chance to socialize, to gain confidence but mostly, the opportunity that was presented gave me a chance to learn. This will truly help me in the future if I decide to do civil service. It was a nice break from all the academic pressure. It inspired me to be more productive, to do more, to carpe diem in a good way. It’s a learning experience that I’m not going to forget.

Ciao! x

The World is Now Full of Scandal

In less than 48 hours, another child became a victim of the internet’s insensitive scrutiny and judgment.

I told myself not to talk about sensitive matters over the internet but here I am.

First things first, we can’t erase the fact the she did something wrong. Yes she deserves protection, yes she deserves privacy for she is only a minor but let’s face it; we can’t ignore the fact that this is somehow her fault.

Yes, you can argue with me with the fact that she’s only a child but she’s 12! Come on, she has free will, she can think, at that age she should’ve known what’s right and what’s not for crying out loud.

That is of course, if she is indeed the girl on the video.

Second, let me address the people who have watched and shared the video: YOU ARE ALL SICK BASTARDS AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL. My goodness gracious DID YOUR MOTHER RAISE YOU LIKE THAT? DID SHE UNDERGO LABOR JUST TO SEE HER SON OR DAUGHTER TURN INTO A PEDOPHILE? I’d want to personally beat you up and let the dogs feast on your innards but since I can’t because I’m stuck behind my laptop screen, consider yourself lucky.

Third, for all those good for nothing goody-two-shoes out there, can you look straight into my eye and tell me that you did not do anything worse than what that girl did? Oh that’s right, you can’t. BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL PRETENTIOUS GOOD FOR NOTHING BASTARDS, I NEARLY FORGOT. Are you guys that desperate for a good time that you decide to shame a 12-year-old girl because there’s nothing else on the internet that interests you? Let me send you guys a link of cute cat videos then if that will satisfy your insatiable boredom.

Fourth, stop it. Just stop talking about it. I hope this blogpost of mine would be the last thing on the internet that pertains about that matter. It would fade if we don’t talk about it so excuse this blogpost for this would be the last trace of it (And I might delete this soon enough, I just need to blow off some steam. Can’t blame me I might kill somebody if I don’t let the words in my head out. You all know the consequences of trying to shut me up= Death).

Fifth, the reason why I did this is because of the fact that I have a 13-year-old younger sister who could be a potential victim of sick pedophiles out there and I guess this is also a warning for those who might try to do the same thing to my sister or to anyone for that matter. Child abuse/Pornography is against the law and is punishable by death (I sure hope so). So please, if you see it on your timeline, or here on tumblr, report it, block the person who shared it, close your browser, and go to sleep. Help the girl by being a responsible netizen. Just imagine if the same thing happened to your little sister. Please please let this be the last trace of it on the internet.

With love,

the girl who’s trying to save the world. x

[Book Review] PS: I Still Love You by Jenny Han


(Photo Credits)

I read PS: I Still Love You last night. I read it in one sitting (meaning for 4 hours straight). I have to say, it’s such a fun read. I am so glad Jenny Han made a sequel because I don’t think I’d continue to live without knowing what Lara Jean wrote Peter during the holidays.

Honestly, I was less than 50 pages in, I was already grinning from ear to ear. Lara Jean and Peter is so adorable and totally relationship goals!

I love how Jenny Han kept it fun, innocent and light. It’s frustrating at some parts but I guess it’s just part of their love story. I love how it’s very realistic. Somehow high school isn’t complete without some kind of drama and such. It isn’t pretentious at all. It feels so real.

I also love how Jenny Han shows how important family is in the story. We should definitely love our siblings because like what Ms. Rothschild said: Parents will not be there your whole life but your siblings will be yours forever. I’d also have to commend Jenny Han for having improved her writing style since the Summer Series. I’m a big fan of her pieces and it’s humbling to see her grow to a better and more amazing writer.

It’s a good break from heavy stories (Oh all these heartbreaking endings from ruthless authors; that includes you Jenny Han). As a sci-fi enthusiast, I have no idea how YA works but having read a few I think this book totally represents what YA is (fun, realistic, innocent and not heart-wrenching and life-ruining *bitter sobs*). I’ve only read a few but so far, Lara Jean and Peter’s love story is one of my favorites. It’s totally worth the wait. I definitely recommend everyone to read this and the book before. (Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.)

MOVIE REVIEW [The Maze Runner]

Apparently, the science-fiction world gave birth to another heart-stopping, adrenaline-induced movie aptly titled, The Maze Runner. Just like always, I’m about to give my thoughts about the said movie.

Let’s start with the positive notes. (This might take a while)

Graphics-wise, this movie has impressed me beyond compare. Like seriously, how were they able to come up with 100-ft metal walls, metal contraptions and amazing real-life grievers, I mean, come on! Even I was impressed. (this is a first!) It was very realistic, very modern, very up-to-date. It actually met the standards of a 21st-century sci-fi movie. It was really cool.

The actors were quite convincing too. They all acted as if everything was real which added to the awesomeness factor of the entire franchise. Dylan O’brien (Thomas) made sure that we would tune in to his story and made us ride the roller-coaster that is his life. And of course, we wouldn’t forget Blake Cooper (Chuck). He was a character that was easy to love. Although, of course, they have to stick with the book (otherwise, the fans would react rather violently), his sudden departure would surely not erase the mark he had left in our hearts. Admit it! We were all moved with his brave sacrifice for Thomas. Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt) and Ki Hong Lee (Minho) also gave justice to their given roles. I do think that their roles fit them quite snugly and I wouldn’t have thought of other actors who could do the role better than them. Kaya Scodelario (Teresa Agnes), who looks a lot like Kristen Stewart, suit her role just fine. In this movie, hollywood’s fresh faces has done an amazing job despite of being a newbie in the acting world.

The screenplay itself was an intense, action-packed roller-coaster that made me scream and stop breathing for a while. (seriously!) It’s like a thriller, mystery, and science all rolled into one. I couldn’t ask for more! Everything that I look for in a Sci-fi movie is laid out in front of me like one epic banquet. Every turn, every action makes you lean closer to the screen and wish that you were part of the chaos too. The Maze was a mystery on its own let alone the gladers that was the heart of the entire story. It revolves in a climactic, one-of-a-kind screenplay that set the bar even higher for upcoming sci-fi movies to come.

Speaking of Sci-fi…

We all can’t help comparing it to the worldwide phenomenon that is The Hunger Games. Obviously, they are two different stories but if you look at in in a Hunger Games fan’s perspective, you can’t help imagining the whole maze as an arena, the gladers as tributes, the glade as the cornucopia, WICKED as the gamemakers, Ava Paige as President snow/Seneca Crane or worse Alma Coin! See? They have a lot of similarities. Comparing them is inevitable. Even I am having a hard time looking at The Maze Runner as a different story from The Hunger Games.

Either way, thumbs-up to the crew, the staff, the author, the producers, the director, the production team, and the actors behind this enterprise. I am thoroughly impressed with their hardwork and dedication to bring life to this successful book. It’s not just a kids’ movie. It bites. It’s cool. It’s awesome. No wonder why all the teens are into it at the moment.

Let us not forget that this is a trilogy and the first movie being a success, I think it’s safe to say that we have to wait for Phase 2.

I’ll give it 8.5 out of 10 stars! Till next time. xx

25 things you probably didn’t know about me

This is a game wherein I will list down 25 things and you guys will guess which of those are not true. (Clue: There are 4)

1. My favorite color is pink.

2. I used to play football for Greenfield International.

3. My favorite food is Pasta and Caldereta.

4. My favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer.

5. I play the flute back when I was a kid.

6. I can/used to/still play the piano.

7. I have a tendency to be brutally violent to people who are vexing.

8. I am the eldest of three kids.

9. I have less than 2 knees.

10. My favorite movie is The Last Song.

11. My hometown is Makati City.

12. I’ve been to Beijing and Guangzhou Province (China), Hong Kong and Berlin (Germany).


14. My favorite number is 27.

15. I am a huge fan of Kiefer Ravena

16. I have a pet dog.

17. I hate people who act as if they know me well and therefore thinks that they have the right to insult me in a joking manner.

18. I am a very serious person.

19. I was bitten by a rabid dog when I was three.

20. I wear prescription eye glasses. (But not in school because YOLO)

21. February 21, 2014. Nuff Said.

22. I like cats so much more than dogs.

23. My favorite song is Little Things by One Direction.

24. I was born on November 3.

25. My middle name is “blank” in english. (FYI: My middle name sounds spanish. But it’s not)

Have you found all 4? Lol. Thanks for reading!

I hope that someday…




I hope that someday you’ll find happiness. The kind of happiness that will make you feel contented. The happiness that won’t make you ask for anything more. Genuine happiness that will make you feel complete.

I hope that someday you’ll feel more optimistic. I hope that you won’t feel negativity. I hope that you will feel more hopeful. I hope that you will feel more faithful. And that you will look forward and never look back. I hope you remember that everything will be better in the end.

I hope that someday you’ll feel more grateful. May you appreciate all the little and grander things in life. That you will never forget to say thank you. That you’ll appreciate the people around you. That you’ll be afraid to lose them. And that you’ll always appreciate them no matter how horrible you think they are.

I hope that someday you’ll appreciate yourself more. That you won’t think negatively of yourself. That you won’t feel insecure. That you won’t envy other people just because they look physically beautiful. That you won’t feel bad for yourself.

I hope that someday you’ll accept your flaws. That you won’t hurt yourself just because you think you’re unappreciated. That you won’t feel punished just because you have flaws. That you won’t think of other people as flawless.

I hope that someday you won’t feel worthless. I hope that you won’t feel like garbage. That you won’t be treated like trash. That you’ll realize your worth as much as I do.

I hope that someday you’ll feel special. That you’ll feel important. That you’ll experience the indescribable feeling of being treated like royalty. I hope that you’ll experience all the luxuries and grandeur of life that you have yet to experience.

I hope that someday you won’t be judged. By society, in general. That no one will misunderstand you just because you did something they didn’t like.

I hope that someday you’ll feel accepted. And not out of place. That you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who you genuinely love and won’t judge you for your mistakes. And that they’ll love you as much as you love them.

I hope that someday you’ll find the one. The one that you’ll love unconditionally. The one that you’ll love for eternity. The one that will kiss you in front of people. The one that will proudly introduce you to his/her friends and family. The one that you will marry.


I hope that this made you feel better in general. I hope that you’ll experience all these things that I haven’t experienced. And that you’ll feel better as much as I do. And that you will never experience the pain I have. 

Metaphors and Reality. (The Amazing Spiderman 2)

Life is perfect.

Happily ever after exists.

Forever is not a lie.

These statements are all big jokes, to tell you honestly. A week ago, I watched the most emotionally-devastating movie to date and only now do I realize and uncover the metaphors found within the movie. It’s a tad bit late for me and I know many of you out there have realized what I’m about to narrate sooner, but hey. Feel free to cry along the way. (Haha lol)


The scene where Gwen hangs on the web for her dear life represents how stubborn and vigilant most of us are. It can also be a vague representation of our faith and hope. How we seem to hold on though it’s frail. How we manage to swing ourselves back to our feet using a thin strip of hope. How we survive every depressing day with the silent promise that everything will be okay in the end.


This part where Gwen Stacy falls to her sad and untimely death, I’ve realized, represents our downfalls that are constantly present throughout our lives. Somehow, we will always fall from the top; no matter how successful we think we are. We all had our own taste of failure. It’s when reality bitch-slaps us or when everything backfires. This is the part where we think suicide is the answer. The part where giving up seems like the only option and nothing else. When all hope seems lost. 



And when everything seems to be falling apart, someone will always be there to catch us. God. He will make everything better again. Though it may seem too late for everything to get better, it still will because of Him. All you need to do is trust him. Let God handle it. He will never make you suffer.


When we finally realize that God will always be there to guide us, We also realize that there are people who are afraid to lose us. People who care about us. People who love us unconditionally no matter how stupid, psychopatic, illogical, absurd and dramatic we are. These people (our family, friends, etc.) will always understand us. That’s their task; to guide us through every downfalls, to be there for us, to cry when we cry. Sometimes, our sadness blinds us from the path to genuine happiness. We tend to stray from the optimism and give in to our pessimism. Negativity is never the key to pulling yourself upright, Optimism is.


I think this movie also showcases the harsh truth of this world. There is no such thing as fairytales, happily-ever-afters and perfect harmonies. In this world, no one is immortal, just like what Gwen said. We may feel that everything lasts forever but in reality, nothing does. Just like in this song I just listened to, Nothing lasts forever. Nothing stays the same. Which is indeed true. Stop thinking that everything will stay the same. Wake up! You’re not in a fairytale. There’s no prince charming, your mom or dad won’t be with you forever, that boyfriend of yours will eventually break all the promises you made. Harsh, I know, but it’s the truth. In life, you learn to accept these things as time flies by. That’s our nature. Acceptance, Truth and Reality. Your life may seem perfect right now, but trust me when I say that it won’t be like that always. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the truth because of what society has fed our imaginations. But trust me when I say that it will get easier in the end.

So that’s my little essay. Hope you guys liked it. xx