Freeze the moment.



I wish I could freeze this moment right here, right now and live in it forever. – Peeta Mellark, Catching Fire

There are moments in life where we wish to press the pause button and live that memory forever and ever. But sadly, you can’t. 


There are moments when we freeze because of happiness. That happiness can radiate from anyone. Most likely, from the ones we love. The world stops when this happens. Sometimes we’ll even say: Where have you been all my life? Times where our eyes light up, our mouth quirks at the corners. Special moments when we lie on our backs and appreciate how beautiful life is. Times where we acknowledge all the blessings we have received in our short time on Earth. It is when we realize how lucky we really are. Moments where our eyes focus to that special someone. Moments where we smile as if we’re the most ecstatic person in this planet. Happy isn’t it? These are the moments that we hold on to. Things that keeps us motivated and inspired. 


These are the things that kills us once the person we shared it with have walked out from our lives.


Yet again, we are frozen.


Our world turns dark as the light agonizingly disappears from our eyes. You try to catch it. But it moves too fast. You try to communicate with it but it won’t listen. Then, the empty feeling comes. The hollow hole, empty chest and wet eyes. We are sent into an abyss where life and our return is uncertain. We don’t know when or if we’ll be stable again. If we’re going to have one of those happy moments again. We start to think that the world is unfair. We start to feel unwanted and isolated. Times when you just sit and stare at the wall and then cry because we are all alone. We start to forget the meaning of the word happiness. We cry all day and all night just to forget that nagging voice in your head that says: He/ She never loved you. It was just an act. The desperate feeling returns from its vacation. Greeting you with a big evil smile before finally taking over your mind, body and soul. Another moment where everything stops. This is the part when you’ll wish your heart stopped beating.


This phase is called: Letting go. It may take days, weeks, months or years but eventually, after all the pain and agony, we’ll stand and be happy again. We’ll find that someone we’ve been waiting for and we’ll wish to freeze the moment all over again. 


We’ll never know when that moment comes but we are sure that we would want to freeze it when it does.

Just want to compliment an awesome writer.

Hi. So, I don’t usually do this but I liked and related from his blog so much that I can’t help writing a post about his blog. Are you familiar with this blog?


No? Then you’re probably living in a rock or something.


Anw, so there’s this guy I follow in twitter named El Buenaflor. He’s a writer so I followed him. And then he kept tweeting about his blog. Being the curious idiot, I decided to read his blog. And did you know what my reaction was? Don’t ask. I fell in love with his blogpost about why people should fall in love with writers. Seriously people. You’re gonna melt. His posts are amazing! And life-related too. I guess these stuff came from a lot of experiences huh? I can’t find the right words to describe his blog. It holds you. It’s like your life is being told by another person. He’s a keen observer. I guess that’s why he writes with his heart. 🙂 You’ll be captured by his words, his metaphors and well. Yeah. His posts are full of emotion. Full of life and love. On the outside, he does look like a bad boy. But once you read his blog, you’ll know that he’s a real soft-ie. (I don’t know the correct spelling. K?) I can conclude that he’s that guy that I only find in novels. Haha. Cheesy, I know. Okay. 


Whoever or whatever his inspiration is, I swear that person is lucky. Oh well, back to reading his blogposts.