Just want to compliment an awesome writer.

Hi. So, I don’t usually do this but I liked and related from his blog so much that I can’t help writing a post about his blog. Are you familiar with this blog? http://eventidethoughts.blogspot.com


No? Then you’re probably living in a rock or something.


Anw, so there’s this guy I follow in twitter named El Buenaflor. He’s a writer so I followed him. And then he kept tweeting about his blog. Being the curious idiot, I decided to read his blog. And did you know what my reaction was? Don’t ask. I fell in love with his blogpost about why people should fall in love with writers. Seriously people. You’re gonna melt. His posts are amazing! And life-related too. I guess these stuff came from a lot of experiences huh? I can’t find the right words to describe his blog. It holds you. It’s like your life is being told by another person. He’s a keen observer. I guess that’s why he writes with his heart. 🙂 You’ll be captured by his words, his metaphors and well. Yeah. His posts are full of emotion. Full of life and love. On the outside, he does look like a bad boy. But once you read his blog, you’ll know that he’s a real soft-ie. (I don’t know the correct spelling. K?) I can conclude that he’s that guy that I only find in novels. Haha. Cheesy, I know. Okay. 


Whoever or whatever his inspiration is, I swear that person is lucky. Oh well, back to reading his blogposts. 


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