Gone, gone, gone. (The Amazing Spiderman 2)

I know that we all think that we are immortal, we are supposed to feel that way, we are graduating, the future is and should be bright, but like our brief 4 years in high school, what makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends. Today of all days I am here to remind us that time is love, so don’t waste it living somebody else’s life, make you stand for something. Fight for what matters, no matter what! Because even if we fall short, what’s better way to live?

-Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy



I wasn’t really a huge fanatic of Spiderman even though both of my parents are huge (understatement) fans of Marvel. It all started this year. With this person who liked Emma Stone and I liked Andrew Garfield and we both watched The Amazing Spiderman. Eventually, we started fangirling and doing all possible research as much as we possibly can before the premiere of the sequel comes. We knew it was inevitable. We knew they were going to stick with the comics. But still, I can’t contain my feels, my emotions. What happened was really really sad. So don’t tell me that it was just a movie. for me, it wasn’t. If you’re going to hate me for this, go sit in the corner and screw it. I won’t listen to you even if you tried.

I know that I will sound really overdramatic by doing this but I don’t care because I’m not the only one. So I watched, The Amazing Spiderman 2 last night and may I tell you I’m still crying. Like any other movie, this has really released all the feels I could ever muster. Of course, it’s because of Gwen’s death. I already knew that it was going to happen because this annoying person told me long before it showed in the theaters and I googled it out of curiosity and may I tell you, I sobbed. I cried. I felt it. I felt Peter’s pain. I don’t know. It seems weird but I really felt it. It’s so surreal. It’s amazing how powerful one moment is. How it can affect millions of people. How some scene, no matter how unexpected, can bring even the strongest person to tears. Even for me, who knew Gwen’s death was inevitable, still felt this indescribable sadness. I was moved, really. Moved to the summit of Mt. Everest where I fell and snapped my neck. (See the pun) It was all so sudden. Then again, the movie wouldn’t be as good as it is if it wasn’t for Gwen’s untimely death. I feel Peter’s sadness. He wasn’t able to keep Gwen safe as promised. But nevertheless, Gwen Stacy will remain in us, the fans, forever.

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