[Book Review] PS: I Still Love You by Jenny Han


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I read PS: I Still Love You last night. I read it in one sitting (meaning for 4 hours straight). I have to say, it’s such a fun read. I am so glad Jenny Han made a sequel because I don’t think I’d continue to live without knowing what Lara Jean wrote Peter during the holidays.

Honestly, I was less than 50 pages in, I was already grinning from ear to ear. Lara Jean and Peter is so adorable and totally relationship goals!

I love how Jenny Han kept it fun, innocent and light. It’s frustrating at some parts but I guess it’s just part of their love story. I love how it’s very realistic. Somehow high school isn’t complete without some kind of drama and such. It isn’t pretentious at all. It feels so real.

I also love how Jenny Han shows how important family is in the story. We should definitely love our siblings because like what Ms. Rothschild said: Parents will not be there your whole life but your siblings will be yours forever. I’d also have to commend Jenny Han for having improved her writing style since the Summer Series. I’m a big fan of her pieces and it’s humbling to see her grow to a better and more amazing writer.

It’s a good break from heavy stories (Oh all these heartbreaking endings from ruthless authors; that includes you Jenny Han). As a sci-fi enthusiast, I have no idea how YA works but having read a few I think this book totally represents what YA is (fun, realistic, innocent and not heart-wrenching and life-ruining *bitter sobs*). I’ve only read a few but so far, Lara Jean and Peter’s love story is one of my favorites. It’s totally worth the wait. I definitely recommend everyone to read this and the book before. (Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.)