The World is Now Full of Scandal

In less than 48 hours, another child became a victim of the internet’s insensitive scrutiny and judgment.

I told myself not to talk about sensitive matters over the internet but here I am.

First things first, we can’t erase the fact the she did something wrong. Yes she deserves protection, yes she deserves privacy for she is only a minor but let’s face it; we can’t ignore the fact that this is somehow her fault.

Yes, you can argue with me with the fact that she’s only a child but she’s 12! Come on, she has free will, she can think, at that age she should’ve known what’s right and what’s not for crying out loud.

That is of course, if she is indeed the girl on the video.

Second, let me address the people who have watched and shared the video: YOU ARE ALL SICK BASTARDS AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL. My goodness gracious DID YOUR MOTHER RAISE YOU LIKE THAT? DID SHE UNDERGO LABOR JUST TO SEE HER SON OR DAUGHTER TURN INTO A PEDOPHILE? I’d want to personally beat you up and let the dogs feast on your innards but since I can’t because I’m stuck behind my laptop screen, consider yourself lucky.

Third, for all those good for nothing goody-two-shoes out there, can you look straight into my eye and tell me that you did not do anything worse than what that girl did? Oh that’s right, you can’t. BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL PRETENTIOUS GOOD FOR NOTHING BASTARDS, I NEARLY FORGOT. Are you guys that desperate for a good time that you decide to shame a 12-year-old girl because there’s nothing else on the internet that interests you? Let me send you guys a link of cute cat videos then if that will satisfy your insatiable boredom.

Fourth, stop it. Just stop talking about it. I hope this blogpost of mine would be the last thing on the internet that pertains about that matter. It would fade if we don’t talk about it so excuse this blogpost for this would be the last trace of it (And I might delete this soon enough, I just need to blow off some steam. Can’t blame me I might kill somebody if I don’t let the words in my head out. You all know the consequences of trying to shut me up= Death).

Fifth, the reason why I did this is because of the fact that I have a 13-year-old younger sister who could be a potential victim of sick pedophiles out there and I guess this is also a warning for those who might try to do the same thing to my sister or to anyone for that matter. Child abuse/Pornography is against the law and is punishable by death (I sure hope so). So please, if you see it on your timeline, or here on tumblr, report it, block the person who shared it, close your browser, and go to sleep. Help the girl by being a responsible netizen. Just imagine if the same thing happened to your little sister. Please please let this be the last trace of it on the internet.

With love,

the girl who’s trying to save the world. x

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