[Book Review] PS: I Still Love You by Jenny Han


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I read PS: I Still Love You last night. I read it in one sitting (meaning for 4 hours straight). I have to say, it’s such a fun read. I am so glad Jenny Han made a sequel because I don’t think I’d continue to live without knowing what Lara Jean wrote Peter during the holidays.

Honestly, I was less than 50 pages in, I was already grinning from ear to ear. Lara Jean and Peter is so adorable and totally relationship goals!

I love how Jenny Han kept it fun, innocent and light. It’s frustrating at some parts but I guess it’s just part of their love story. I love how it’s very realistic. Somehow high school isn’t complete without some kind of drama and such. It isn’t pretentious at all. It feels so real.

I also love how Jenny Han shows how important family is in the story. We should definitely love our siblings because like what Ms. Rothschild said: Parents will not be there your whole life but your siblings will be yours forever. I’d also have to commend Jenny Han for having improved her writing style since the Summer Series. I’m a big fan of her pieces and it’s humbling to see her grow to a better and more amazing writer.

It’s a good break from heavy stories (Oh all these heartbreaking endings from ruthless authors; that includes you Jenny Han). As a sci-fi enthusiast, I have no idea how YA works but having read a few I think this book totally represents what YA is (fun, realistic, innocent and not heart-wrenching and life-ruining *bitter sobs*). I’ve only read a few but so far, Lara Jean and Peter’s love story is one of my favorites. It’s totally worth the wait. I definitely recommend everyone to read this and the book before. (Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.)

MOVIE REVIEW [The Maze Runner]

Apparently, the science-fiction world gave birth to another heart-stopping, adrenaline-induced movie aptly titled, The Maze Runner. Just like always, I’m about to give my thoughts about the said movie.

Let’s start with the positive notes. (This might take a while)

Graphics-wise, this movie has impressed me beyond compare. Like seriously, how were they able to come up with 100-ft metal walls, metal contraptions and amazing real-life grievers, I mean, come on! Even I was impressed. (this is a first!) It was very realistic, very modern, very up-to-date. It actually met the standards of a 21st-century sci-fi movie. It was really cool.

The actors were quite convincing too. They all acted as if everything was real which added to the awesomeness factor of the entire franchise. Dylan O’brien (Thomas) made sure that we would tune in to his story and made us ride the roller-coaster that is his life. And of course, we wouldn’t forget Blake Cooper (Chuck). He was a character that was easy to love. Although, of course, they have to stick with the book (otherwise, the fans would react rather violently), his sudden departure would surely not erase the mark he had left in our hearts. Admit it! We were all moved with his brave sacrifice for Thomas. Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt) and Ki Hong Lee (Minho) also gave justice to their given roles. I do think that their roles fit them quite snugly and I wouldn’t have thought of other actors who could do the role better than them. Kaya Scodelario (Teresa Agnes), who looks a lot like Kristen Stewart, suit her role just fine. In this movie, hollywood’s fresh faces has done an amazing job despite of being a newbie in the acting world.

The screenplay itself was an intense, action-packed roller-coaster that made me scream and stop breathing for a while. (seriously!) It’s like a thriller, mystery, and science all rolled into one. I couldn’t ask for more! Everything that I look for in a Sci-fi movie is laid out in front of me like one epic banquet. Every turn, every action makes you lean closer to the screen and wish that you were part of the chaos too. The Maze was a mystery on its own let alone the gladers that was the heart of the entire story. It revolves in a climactic, one-of-a-kind screenplay that set the bar even higher for upcoming sci-fi movies to come.

Speaking of Sci-fi…

We all can’t help comparing it to the worldwide phenomenon that is The Hunger Games. Obviously, they are two different stories but if you look at in in a Hunger Games fan’s perspective, you can’t help imagining the whole maze as an arena, the gladers as tributes, the glade as the cornucopia, WICKED as the gamemakers, Ava Paige as President snow/Seneca Crane or worse Alma Coin! See? They have a lot of similarities. Comparing them is inevitable. Even I am having a hard time looking at The Maze Runner as a different story from The Hunger Games.

Either way, thumbs-up to the crew, the staff, the author, the producers, the director, the production team, and the actors behind this enterprise. I am thoroughly impressed with their hardwork and dedication to bring life to this successful book. It’s not just a kids’ movie. It bites. It’s cool. It’s awesome. No wonder why all the teens are into it at the moment.

Let us not forget that this is a trilogy and the first movie being a success, I think it’s safe to say that we have to wait for Phase 2.

I’ll give it 8.5 out of 10 stars! Till next time. xx

Reaction to ‘Diary ng Panget’


When I hear fellow teens scream about how great Diary ng Panget the movie was, I absolutely beg to differ. Though of course, A lot of you will probably kill me or cite a manhunt against me, why don’t you sit down and be openminded for a while. Try to be just for at least once in your life.


A fairytale come true

Indeed, some of you may think that what happened to acne-ridden, repugnant and destitute, Eya Rodriguez is a miracle done by the angels above. In literal sense, it is quite impressive. It makes us all ponder on the same question; How did a girl as horrible-looking as Eya managed to enamor the heart of someone as handsome as Cross Sandford? It makes us want to take a good look on ourselves and say why not me? Then again, if you think more profoundly, you’ll notice that these things rarely or almost never happen in real life. Why? The answer is rather obvious and simple; society. These days, society won’t let things, such as Eya’s miraculous fate, to happen. It’s the real world! Wake up! Accept the fact that Society is not as open-minded as you think it is. It is sad how it depicts the rather shallowness of most of the youth today. I admit, I am part of those who are in awe of Eya’s fate and believes that someday it’ll happen to me but a movie review made me think otherwise. True, it is never wrong to dream, to aspire because that’s our main purpose right? But we must always be realistic when it comes to application in the real world. Not everything that happens in the movies, happens in real life. So before you apply as a maid to your school’s resident bad boy, stop and think. Do you really think that Eya’s good fortune would rub off on you? Also, I think it failed to convey the truth about diaries– honesty. It lacked the true essence and meaning of owning a journal. I dare say that it lacks superficiality and overall, I do think it’s quite cliche.


Before you kill me..

Movie-wise, I do think that it has served its purpose as a romantic-comedy that depicts a young woman’s journey through life’s downfalls, ascent and success. It has brought joy and laughter to its audience and made teens squirm and giggle all throughout. It was a movie, though shallow, that was overall humorous and fun to watch. I give it a rating of 6.5/ stars out of ten.


I hope you found this review honest and worthwhile. Thanks for reading!

Book Review: The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider



This tragic coming-of-age contemporary novel is the first novel of the well-known internet blogger, Robyn Schneider. The Beginning of Everything is indeed a novel that follows the footsteps of John Green’s infamous The Fault In Our Stars. To tell you honestly, no one died in the book whatsoever. (Unless you count Cassidy’s brother, Owen. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.) It is a tragic story between a cripp— I mean, injured golden boy and a mysterious girl who’s vaguely similar to the heroine in Paper Towns.


And since this is a book review, I warn you. There might be spoilers.


Where to start? 


It is one of the most popular young adult contemporary novels all over the world and it has, indeed, captured many aspiring young hearts here and there. Schneider wrote an amazing story filled with ups and downs, witty comments, funny puns and heartbreaking events that are sure to take the reader to new heights. I find it quite interesting but of course, just like anything else in the world, it is not as perfect as youngsters think it is.


Let’s start with the positive points though. Schneider made sure that we, (the readers) would fall in love with Ezra Faulkner. To tell you honestly, I did. I SERIOUSLY DID. Ezra was one helluva guy to begin with. He is your typical cool, all-american, perfect golden boy. Captain of the tennis team, an honor student, front-runner for homecoming king and everything we could ever imagine. But an accident which crippled his knee turned his life 360 degrees and placed him in the bottom of the High School popularity pyramid. Along comes, Cassidy Thorpe, an enigmatic girl. Her persona is as bright as ray of sunshine but just like our dear Margo Roth Spiegelman, she is as every bit as lonely and mysterious as her. so, yes, this is where the cliche part starts. They fall in love with each other blah blah blah. But on the night of homecoming, Cassidy breaks poor Ezra Faulkner’s fragile heart. Which caused the poor boy severe depression. In the end, Ezra learns Cassidy’s true reason for breaking up with him and they all live happily— no, just kidding. Sadly, they didn’t get back together. The reason why this book is very tragic.


For me, it is very Shakespearean. (YES IT IS AN ADJECTIVE) Their love story is quite common yet there’s this distinct quality about it which makes it different from other books. It is not the typical happily-ever-after tale that everyone thinks it is. It is a misleading plot line so I must warn you, if you think Cassidy and Ezra will end up together and get married and ride unicorns and live on the other end of the rainbow, YOU ARE VERY WRONG. It is a heart-rending narrative that will literally move you to tears if you put your heart into it. It is tragic in a way that is still a bit satisfying in the end although the star-crossed lovers didn’t get their happy ending. The ending still suits the whole book though piteous and tragic.


On the dark side of things, I think it is a bit overhyped and quite lacking in some departments. It lacks this “oomf” factor I usually see in most YA novels. It is, to be particularly honest, not as memorable as other YA novels. Yes, the tragedy that took place in the book is quite unforgettable, but all in all the book seems easily forgotten in terms of storyline. The characters, on the other hand, are indeed unique. Not the typical ones you meet in contemporary books. This, I think, is a big factor in the novel’s blatant success. The characters made the story a tad bit better. IT practically hauled the whole image of the book to a higher level.


All in all, It was a very amusing, nostalgia-inducing, touching yet tragic novel that enamored millions of teens worldwide. I give it a rating of 8.5 out of 10 stars and I highly recommend everyone to read it. (I still think Cassidy’s reason for breaking up with Ezra is implausible but we can’t have everything we want now can we?)


Till next time!

Paper Girl

10 hours after reading the book with the most unsurprising yet unpredictable ending ever do I realize how similar Margo Roth Spiegelman and Carmela Ann Javier is.

See, Margo is Quentin’s childhood sweetheart turned ninja-with-a-revenge paper girl in the book obviously called Paper Towns. The title “Paper Towns” is a metaphor for fake cities (or town). Later in the book, Quentin realizes that the Margo he knew wasn’t really the Margo that she really was (Ps: this sentence does not make any sense) therefore making her a Paper Girl. (which btw means fake girl)


Well let me tell you a little bit about Margo.

Margo is a timid, taciturn and over-the-top nice to almost everyone around her (except to her parents though) She is the queen bee. She has a jock for a boyfriend, a really nice circle of friends. But she isn’t who you think she is. Every now and then, Margo runs away from Orlando and embarks in an adrenaline-filled adventure to different places in America. She leaves clues to her parents to add more drama to her exciting adventures. After an amazing adventure with Quentin, she suddenly disappears without actually leaving clues for Quentin. Quentin assumes hat Margo wants him to find her. In the end, they did find Margo somewhere in Agloe, New York (a fictional town invented by cartographers in the early centuries) but sadly, they learned that Margo didn’t want Quentin to find her. She left. She never wanted to be found. She won’t come back.


At first, I didn’t understand why Margo left but eventually I did. 


She was, as I mentioned beforehand, a paper girl. The place where she lived is a paper town. The place where she lived, the people she was with, the environment she grew up were all sullen reminders of how little the people knew of the true Margo and how fake she was. Basically, this girl has two faces. One for the audience and her true self. She left because she felt out of place; like she didn’t belong to her family, her friends and Orlando.


That’s why I understand Margo. I AM SO MUCH LIKE HER. I’m a fourteen-year-old adrenaline-junkie who is most of the time mercurial and is dangerously volatile. I usually feel out of place and isolated but I keep going since I’m used to it and I imagine that I’m strong enough to endure it even though most of the time I can’t. Trust me when I tell you that I am the most complicated and most misunderstood person you’ll ever meet. I have a lot of issues, dramas, insecurities and stuff. I may seem super happy and you may see me with a huge circle of friends and yes I do have a seriously awesome boyfriend but you’ll be surprised to know that none of those people know everything about me.


Do they know that I hate cheese? That I don’t eat crabs? That I hate being judged, marginalized, underestimated, insulted, isolated and bullied? NO. Some of them may seem like they do but they don’t. That’s the part where My and Margo’s path cross. The part where we have different sides. The part where we both feel out of place and stuff. 


While writing this blogpost, I kept of thinking how to escape like Margo. But I can’t. This is where we’re so different. She’s willing to leave everything behind and live alone. On the other hand, I am not daunt enough to leave everyone and everything I love for a different adventure. I love my life though I may seem like I hate it. I love my friends, my family, him though it may seem like I don’t. I’m up for crazy ideas. I may agree to leaving but someday and somehow, I’ll find my way back to this life that I hated and loved. 


Therefore, I am a paper girl myself. Just like her, I’m a girl with different sides, with many faces and with many crazy ideas. But I will never be Margo Roth Spiegelman. I will always be me.