[Book Review] PS: I Still Love You by Jenny Han


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I read PS: I Still Love You last night. I read it in one sitting (meaning for 4 hours straight). I have to say, it’s such a fun read. I am so glad Jenny Han made a sequel because I don’t think I’d continue to live without knowing what Lara Jean wrote Peter during the holidays.

Honestly, I was less than 50 pages in, I was already grinning from ear to ear. Lara Jean and Peter is so adorable and totally relationship goals!

I love how Jenny Han kept it fun, innocent and light. It’s frustrating at some parts but I guess it’s just part of their love story. I love how it’s very realistic. Somehow high school isn’t complete without some kind of drama and such. It isn’t pretentious at all. It feels so real.

I also love how Jenny Han shows how important family is in the story. We should definitely love our siblings because like what Ms. Rothschild said: Parents will not be there your whole life but your siblings will be yours forever. I’d also have to commend Jenny Han for having improved her writing style since the Summer Series. I’m a big fan of her pieces and it’s humbling to see her grow to a better and more amazing writer.

It’s a good break from heavy stories (Oh all these heartbreaking endings from ruthless authors; that includes you Jenny Han). As a sci-fi enthusiast, I have no idea how YA works but having read a few I think this book totally represents what YA is (fun, realistic, innocent and not heart-wrenching and life-ruining *bitter sobs*). I’ve only read a few but so far, Lara Jean and Peter’s love story is one of my favorites. It’s totally worth the wait. I definitely recommend everyone to read this and the book before. (Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.)

I hope that someday…




I hope that someday you’ll find happiness. The kind of happiness that will make you feel contented. The happiness that won’t make you ask for anything more. Genuine happiness that will make you feel complete.

I hope that someday you’ll feel more optimistic. I hope that you won’t feel negativity. I hope that you will feel more hopeful. I hope that you will feel more faithful. And that you will look forward and never look back. I hope you remember that everything will be better in the end.

I hope that someday you’ll feel more grateful. May you appreciate all the little and grander things in life. That you will never forget to say thank you. That you’ll appreciate the people around you. That you’ll be afraid to lose them. And that you’ll always appreciate them no matter how horrible you think they are.

I hope that someday you’ll appreciate yourself more. That you won’t think negatively of yourself. That you won’t feel insecure. That you won’t envy other people just because they look physically beautiful. That you won’t feel bad for yourself.

I hope that someday you’ll accept your flaws. That you won’t hurt yourself just because you think you’re unappreciated. That you won’t feel punished just because you have flaws. That you won’t think of other people as flawless.

I hope that someday you won’t feel worthless. I hope that you won’t feel like garbage. That you won’t be treated like trash. That you’ll realize your worth as much as I do.

I hope that someday you’ll feel special. That you’ll feel important. That you’ll experience the indescribable feeling of being treated like royalty. I hope that you’ll experience all the luxuries and grandeur of life that you have yet to experience.

I hope that someday you won’t be judged. By society, in general. That no one will misunderstand you just because you did something they didn’t like.

I hope that someday you’ll feel accepted. And not out of place. That you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who you genuinely love and won’t judge you for your mistakes. And that they’ll love you as much as you love them.

I hope that someday you’ll find the one. The one that you’ll love unconditionally. The one that you’ll love for eternity. The one that will kiss you in front of people. The one that will proudly introduce you to his/her friends and family. The one that you will marry.


I hope that this made you feel better in general. I hope that you’ll experience all these things that I haven’t experienced. And that you’ll feel better as much as I do. And that you will never experience the pain I have. 

Dear Annoying Person that I love

If you ask me a couple months back if I like anyone, I would have answered a different name, a completely different person, a completely different identity. But now, if you ask me the same question, I would, of course answer a different name again. One I did not expect. Nobody did, really. Nevertheless, I’m glad that he came all of a sudden.


3 days before leaving Manila, this seriously unexpected guy unexpectedly started talking to me. Turns out, he wasn’t quite the person I thought he was. We weren’t really friends, you see. We were just acquaintances, really. Acknowledging when we have to; but I can’t consider him as a friend really. He was just this timid, tall, smart boy that I really don’t know. He was (according to his friends) sweet. SWEET TO ALMOST EVERYONE HE SEES AND KNOWS. To every girl, in particular. But since we were never friends, I had no idea why his friends said that. Okay. I’m running out of adjectives. Hmm. He is silent; most of the time. Wait, scratch that, ALL THE TIME. Even now when I call him, we’ll end up listening to each other’s breathing. He’s shy. I guess you had that figured out already. A friend of mine told me we were the same. Same in terms of mood swings, patience capacity and anger management. (Yes, we’re both proud to the point that neither of us would really talk until he decides to man up and talk to me. And yes, it happens all the time) See? So every time we have these little disagreements (YES IT IS SHALLOW MOST OF THE TIME) you can already predict what would happen. (DEFCON 5, World War III, etc. You name it.) On the bright side, He’s kind. (WHAT IS THIS) He’s sweet. (TO EVERYONE) And he’d risk everything just to make you extremely happy on your monthsary. (HAHA CANNOT FORGET THAT ONE) Seriously. He’d make your legs turn jell-o when he compliments you. Or when he tries to win a furby for you. He looks absolutely adorable when he laughs. (DO NOT GET ME STARTED WITH HIS LAUGH) He’s cute when he smiles; though he’s quite scary when he starts to get grumpy. (REALLY TERRIFYING MAY I SAY) He’s really humorous though. He will make you laugh when you’re feeling down. He’ll try really hard just to make you extremely happy. And he will repeatedly tease you when he feels like doing so. He’s prone to overthinking too. (SEE WE’RE THE SAME) I think he inherited his pessimistic attitude from me though. And did I tell you that basketball is his life? It has a funny story. (LET US NOT GET THERE BECAUSE SERIOUSLY YOU WOULD LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF BUT IT’S ADORABLE) I mean seriously. It’s like basketball is his oxygen, food, water, all rolled in one. A bunch of peeps look up to him because of his awesome-ness (YOU ARE GOING TO PAY ME FOR THIS) But what’s good about him is that he doesn’t turn balloon-headed and he doesn’t get overwhelmed by the attention he’s getting. (HE IS SHIPPED TO ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS IN THE CLASSROOM AND MAY I TELL YOU I WASN’T ONE OF THOSE GIRLS. OH AND BTW, HE HAS HIS OWN FANLCUB. JK.) He’s extremely oblivious. (TO ALMOST EVERYTHING REALLY) He has the attention span of a butterfly. (WE BOTH HAVE) Sometimes I wonder what to do with him. (I AM RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS. HELP PLEASE? JK.)

I never thought that he would like me (LET ALONE NOTICE ME) so everything is quite a shock, really. (REAL SHOCK. NOT JUST TO US BUT TO EVERYONE AS WELL)


I remember his shyness during Valentine’s Day. (HAHA SORRY) When he greeted me and stuff (NO DETAILS) And last Friday when he successfully planned out a surprise for me (ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED) And our first date (YOU STILL OWE ME A BLUE FURBY) and the time we spend together inside the classroom (DON’T GET ME STARTED THERE) and his witty comeback at my tweets (WE ARGUE A LOT ON TWITTER) Okay that’s quite a lot already. Those little things made me really happy and made me extremely appreciative with all the little things he does for me and for our relationship. (I SOUND SO CHEESY OMG WHAT)


Okay. I may sound like an idiot blinded by love and stuff (Hello, I am only fourteen I shouldn’t write blogposts about this) But I just want to share the recent source of my happiness that is a person. He’s one of the few people that I actually stand being in the same room with and not get annoyed. (SCRATCH THAT HE IS DARN ANNOYING. JK) I know I sound pretty pathetic right now but hey a girl has the right to be happy. And since he’s the one making me happy (ALONG WITH A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE, FOOD, INTERNET AND DAVE FRANCO) I guess you just have to deal with it. I am grateful every single day because I have an amazing (*COUGHS REAL HARD*) person to spend/waste the day with. I am glad that we survived 30 days and I hope we get to survive even more days. I know that we had a rocky start (Emphasis on rocky) I’m still positive that we’ll hold on through. No forever? I can deal with that. I have time with me. 


Ugh. I sound like an idiot but I don’t care. So, that’s my little tale. Hope you won’t kill me after reading this. Till next time!


Freeze the moment.



I wish I could freeze this moment right here, right now and live in it forever. – Peeta Mellark, Catching Fire

There are moments in life where we wish to press the pause button and live that memory forever and ever. But sadly, you can’t. 


There are moments when we freeze because of happiness. That happiness can radiate from anyone. Most likely, from the ones we love. The world stops when this happens. Sometimes we’ll even say: Where have you been all my life? Times where our eyes light up, our mouth quirks at the corners. Special moments when we lie on our backs and appreciate how beautiful life is. Times where we acknowledge all the blessings we have received in our short time on Earth. It is when we realize how lucky we really are. Moments where our eyes focus to that special someone. Moments where we smile as if we’re the most ecstatic person in this planet. Happy isn’t it? These are the moments that we hold on to. Things that keeps us motivated and inspired. 


These are the things that kills us once the person we shared it with have walked out from our lives.


Yet again, we are frozen.


Our world turns dark as the light agonizingly disappears from our eyes. You try to catch it. But it moves too fast. You try to communicate with it but it won’t listen. Then, the empty feeling comes. The hollow hole, empty chest and wet eyes. We are sent into an abyss where life and our return is uncertain. We don’t know when or if we’ll be stable again. If we’re going to have one of those happy moments again. We start to think that the world is unfair. We start to feel unwanted and isolated. Times when you just sit and stare at the wall and then cry because we are all alone. We start to forget the meaning of the word happiness. We cry all day and all night just to forget that nagging voice in your head that says: He/ She never loved you. It was just an act. The desperate feeling returns from its vacation. Greeting you with a big evil smile before finally taking over your mind, body and soul. Another moment where everything stops. This is the part when you’ll wish your heart stopped beating.


This phase is called: Letting go. It may take days, weeks, months or years but eventually, after all the pain and agony, we’ll stand and be happy again. We’ll find that someone we’ve been waiting for and we’ll wish to freeze the moment all over again. 


We’ll never know when that moment comes but we are sure that we would want to freeze it when it does.

First Day in the blogging world.

Hey there!

I’m thirteen years old. I live in a planet called Lorien. I like books. I’m here to inspire you in five seconds or longer. I may write my life experiences or observations. Or even some advices that you may need to solve the problems you encounter everyday. Big or small. I’ll just write whatever I feel. You my ask me for words of wisdom too! If you need help on something, I will try to get to you as fast as I can. You may call me, The Girl Who Saved the World. 🙂