25 things you probably didn’t know about me

This is a game wherein I will list down 25 things and you guys will guess which of those are not true. (Clue: There are 4)

1. My favorite color is pink.

2. I used to play football for Greenfield International.

3. My favorite food is Pasta and Caldereta.

4. My favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer.

5. I play the flute back when I was a kid.

6. I can/used to/still play the piano.

7. I have a tendency to be brutally violent to people who are vexing.

8. I am the eldest of three kids.

9. I have less than 2 knees.

10. My favorite movie is The Last Song.

11. My hometown is Makati City.

12. I’ve been to Beijing and Guangzhou Province (China), Hong Kong and Berlin (Germany).


14. My favorite number is 27.

15. I am a huge fan of Kiefer Ravena

16. I have a pet dog.

17. I hate people who act as if they know me well and therefore thinks that they have the right to insult me in a joking manner.

18. I am a very serious person.

19. I was bitten by a rabid dog when I was three.

20. I wear prescription eye glasses. (But not in school because YOLO)

21. February 21, 2014. Nuff Said.

22. I like cats so much more than dogs.

23. My favorite song is Little Things by One Direction.

24. I was born on November 3.

25. My middle name is “blank” in english. (FYI: My middle name sounds spanish. But it’s not)

Have you found all 4? Lol. Thanks for reading!

Metaphors and Reality. (The Amazing Spiderman 2)

Life is perfect.

Happily ever after exists.

Forever is not a lie.

These statements are all big jokes, to tell you honestly. A week ago, I watched the most emotionally-devastating movie to date and only now do I realize and uncover the metaphors found within the movie. It’s a tad bit late for me and I know many of you out there have realized what I’m about to narrate sooner, but hey. Feel free to cry along the way. (Haha lol)


The scene where Gwen hangs on the web for her dear life represents how stubborn and vigilant most of us are. It can also be a vague representation of our faith and hope. How we seem to hold on though it’s frail. How we manage to swing ourselves back to our feet using a thin strip of hope. How we survive every depressing day with the silent promise that everything will be okay in the end.


This part where Gwen Stacy falls to her sad and untimely death, I’ve realized, represents our downfalls that are constantly present throughout our lives. Somehow, we will always fall from the top; no matter how successful we think we are. We all had our own taste of failure. It’s when reality bitch-slaps us or when everything backfires. This is the part where we think suicide is the answer. The part where giving up seems like the only option and nothing else. When all hope seems lost. 



And when everything seems to be falling apart, someone will always be there to catch us. God. He will make everything better again. Though it may seem too late for everything to get better, it still will because of Him. All you need to do is trust him. Let God handle it. He will never make you suffer.


When we finally realize that God will always be there to guide us, We also realize that there are people who are afraid to lose us. People who care about us. People who love us unconditionally no matter how stupid, psychopatic, illogical, absurd and dramatic we are. These people (our family, friends, etc.) will always understand us. That’s their task; to guide us through every downfalls, to be there for us, to cry when we cry. Sometimes, our sadness blinds us from the path to genuine happiness. We tend to stray from the optimism and give in to our pessimism. Negativity is never the key to pulling yourself upright, Optimism is.


I think this movie also showcases the harsh truth of this world. There is no such thing as fairytales, happily-ever-afters and perfect harmonies. In this world, no one is immortal, just like what Gwen said. We may feel that everything lasts forever but in reality, nothing does. Just like in this song I just listened to, Nothing lasts forever. Nothing stays the same. Which is indeed true. Stop thinking that everything will stay the same. Wake up! You’re not in a fairytale. There’s no prince charming, your mom or dad won’t be with you forever, that boyfriend of yours will eventually break all the promises you made. Harsh, I know, but it’s the truth. In life, you learn to accept these things as time flies by. That’s our nature. Acceptance, Truth and Reality. Your life may seem perfect right now, but trust me when I say that it won’t be like that always. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the truth because of what society has fed our imaginations. But trust me when I say that it will get easier in the end.

So that’s my little essay. Hope you guys liked it. xx

Gone, gone, gone. (The Amazing Spiderman 2)

I know that we all think that we are immortal, we are supposed to feel that way, we are graduating, the future is and should be bright, but like our brief 4 years in high school, what makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends. Today of all days I am here to remind us that time is love, so don’t waste it living somebody else’s life, make you stand for something. Fight for what matters, no matter what! Because even if we fall short, what’s better way to live?

-Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy



I wasn’t really a huge fanatic of Spiderman even though both of my parents are huge (understatement) fans of Marvel. It all started this year. With this person who liked Emma Stone and I liked Andrew Garfield and we both watched The Amazing Spiderman. Eventually, we started fangirling and doing all possible research as much as we possibly can before the premiere of the sequel comes. We knew it was inevitable. We knew they were going to stick with the comics. But still, I can’t contain my feels, my emotions. What happened was really really sad. So don’t tell me that it was just a movie. for me, it wasn’t. If you’re going to hate me for this, go sit in the corner and screw it. I won’t listen to you even if you tried.

I know that I will sound really overdramatic by doing this but I don’t care because I’m not the only one. So I watched, The Amazing Spiderman 2 last night and may I tell you I’m still crying. Like any other movie, this has really released all the feels I could ever muster. Of course, it’s because of Gwen’s death. I already knew that it was going to happen because this annoying person told me long before it showed in the theaters and I googled it out of curiosity and may I tell you, I sobbed. I cried. I felt it. I felt Peter’s pain. I don’t know. It seems weird but I really felt it. It’s so surreal. It’s amazing how powerful one moment is. How it can affect millions of people. How some scene, no matter how unexpected, can bring even the strongest person to tears. Even for me, who knew Gwen’s death was inevitable, still felt this indescribable sadness. I was moved, really. Moved to the summit of Mt. Everest where I fell and snapped my neck. (See the pun) It was all so sudden. Then again, the movie wouldn’t be as good as it is if it wasn’t for Gwen’s untimely death. I feel Peter’s sadness. He wasn’t able to keep Gwen safe as promised. But nevertheless, Gwen Stacy will remain in us, the fans, forever.

Book Review: The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider



This tragic coming-of-age contemporary novel is the first novel of the well-known internet blogger, Robyn Schneider. The Beginning of Everything is indeed a novel that follows the footsteps of John Green’s infamous The Fault In Our Stars. To tell you honestly, no one died in the book whatsoever. (Unless you count Cassidy’s brother, Owen. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.) It is a tragic story between a cripp— I mean, injured golden boy and a mysterious girl who’s vaguely similar to the heroine in Paper Towns.


And since this is a book review, I warn you. There might be spoilers.


Where to start? 


It is one of the most popular young adult contemporary novels all over the world and it has, indeed, captured many aspiring young hearts here and there. Schneider wrote an amazing story filled with ups and downs, witty comments, funny puns and heartbreaking events that are sure to take the reader to new heights. I find it quite interesting but of course, just like anything else in the world, it is not as perfect as youngsters think it is.


Let’s start with the positive points though. Schneider made sure that we, (the readers) would fall in love with Ezra Faulkner. To tell you honestly, I did. I SERIOUSLY DID. Ezra was one helluva guy to begin with. He is your typical cool, all-american, perfect golden boy. Captain of the tennis team, an honor student, front-runner for homecoming king and everything we could ever imagine. But an accident which crippled his knee turned his life 360 degrees and placed him in the bottom of the High School popularity pyramid. Along comes, Cassidy Thorpe, an enigmatic girl. Her persona is as bright as ray of sunshine but just like our dear Margo Roth Spiegelman, she is as every bit as lonely and mysterious as her. so, yes, this is where the cliche part starts. They fall in love with each other blah blah blah. But on the night of homecoming, Cassidy breaks poor Ezra Faulkner’s fragile heart. Which caused the poor boy severe depression. In the end, Ezra learns Cassidy’s true reason for breaking up with him and they all live happily— no, just kidding. Sadly, they didn’t get back together. The reason why this book is very tragic.


For me, it is very Shakespearean. (YES IT IS AN ADJECTIVE) Their love story is quite common yet there’s this distinct quality about it which makes it different from other books. It is not the typical happily-ever-after tale that everyone thinks it is. It is a misleading plot line so I must warn you, if you think Cassidy and Ezra will end up together and get married and ride unicorns and live on the other end of the rainbow, YOU ARE VERY WRONG. It is a heart-rending narrative that will literally move you to tears if you put your heart into it. It is tragic in a way that is still a bit satisfying in the end although the star-crossed lovers didn’t get their happy ending. The ending still suits the whole book though piteous and tragic.


On the dark side of things, I think it is a bit overhyped and quite lacking in some departments. It lacks this “oomf” factor I usually see in most YA novels. It is, to be particularly honest, not as memorable as other YA novels. Yes, the tragedy that took place in the book is quite unforgettable, but all in all the book seems easily forgotten in terms of storyline. The characters, on the other hand, are indeed unique. Not the typical ones you meet in contemporary books. This, I think, is a big factor in the novel’s blatant success. The characters made the story a tad bit better. IT practically hauled the whole image of the book to a higher level.


All in all, It was a very amusing, nostalgia-inducing, touching yet tragic novel that enamored millions of teens worldwide. I give it a rating of 8.5 out of 10 stars and I highly recommend everyone to read it. (I still think Cassidy’s reason for breaking up with Ezra is implausible but we can’t have everything we want now can we?)


Till next time!

Just want to compliment an awesome writer.

Hi. So, I don’t usually do this but I liked and related from his blog so much that I can’t help writing a post about his blog. Are you familiar with this blog? http://eventidethoughts.blogspot.com


No? Then you’re probably living in a rock or something.


Anw, so there’s this guy I follow in twitter named El Buenaflor. He’s a writer so I followed him. And then he kept tweeting about his blog. Being the curious idiot, I decided to read his blog. And did you know what my reaction was? Don’t ask. I fell in love with his blogpost about why people should fall in love with writers. Seriously people. You’re gonna melt. His posts are amazing! And life-related too. I guess these stuff came from a lot of experiences huh? I can’t find the right words to describe his blog. It holds you. It’s like your life is being told by another person. He’s a keen observer. I guess that’s why he writes with his heart. 🙂 You’ll be captured by his words, his metaphors and well. Yeah. His posts are full of emotion. Full of life and love. On the outside, he does look like a bad boy. But once you read his blog, you’ll know that he’s a real soft-ie. (I don’t know the correct spelling. K?) I can conclude that he’s that guy that I only find in novels. Haha. Cheesy, I know. Okay. 


Whoever or whatever his inspiration is, I swear that person is lucky. Oh well, back to reading his blogposts.