Reaction to ‘Diary ng Panget’


When I hear fellow teens scream about how great Diary ng Panget the movie was, I absolutely beg to differ. Though of course, A lot of you will probably kill me or cite a manhunt against me, why don’t you sit down and be openminded for a while. Try to be just for at least once in your life.


A fairytale come true

Indeed, some of you may think that what happened to acne-ridden, repugnant and destitute, Eya Rodriguez is a miracle done by the angels above. In literal sense, it is quite impressive. It makes us all ponder on the same question; How did a girl as horrible-looking as Eya managed to enamor the heart of someone as handsome as Cross Sandford? It makes us want to take a good look on ourselves and say why not me? Then again, if you think more profoundly, you’ll notice that these things rarely or almost never happen in real life. Why? The answer is rather obvious and simple; society. These days, society won’t let things, such as Eya’s miraculous fate, to happen. It’s the real world! Wake up! Accept the fact that Society is not as open-minded as you think it is. It is sad how it depicts the rather shallowness of most of the youth today. I admit, I am part of those who are in awe of Eya’s fate and believes that someday it’ll happen to me but a movie review made me think otherwise. True, it is never wrong to dream, to aspire because that’s our main purpose right? But we must always be realistic when it comes to application in the real world. Not everything that happens in the movies, happens in real life. So before you apply as a maid to your school’s resident bad boy, stop and think. Do you really think that Eya’s good fortune would rub off on you? Also, I think it failed to convey the truth about diaries– honesty. It lacked the true essence and meaning of owning a journal. I dare say that it lacks superficiality and overall, I do think it’s quite cliche.


Before you kill me..

Movie-wise, I do think that it has served its purpose as a romantic-comedy that depicts a young woman’s journey through life’s downfalls, ascent and success. It has brought joy and laughter to its audience and made teens squirm and giggle all throughout. It was a movie, though shallow, that was overall humorous and fun to watch. I give it a rating of 6.5/ stars out of ten.


I hope you found this review honest and worthwhile. Thanks for reading!