It’s amazing how easily change comes and goes. It is baffling how  the outside world influences us inevitably. It’s amazing how a book can make us think more rationally; how a movie manages to make us realize our shortcomings and make us do something about it; and how a person, if it’s the right person, comes and drastically change our perspective in life.


It is the one thing that is permanent in this cycle we call life. It is the only thing that is certain. Everything else is subjective to change. Even the future. It is there. It happens anywhere you look. It may happen quickly. It may take an indefinite amount of time but one thing is for sure, you will CHANGE. 


It’s funny how people sometimes get the wrong idea and expect things to not change. For example, some people wish that they’re friends would never change or they wish their relationships would always be as perfect as they think it is forever. They’re wrong. It’s wrong to expect things to not change. Like they say, expectations often lead to disappointment. It is far better to not expect than to do so. Sure you hope that things would always be as good as it already is but honestly it won’t be. It will eventually change. 


Change is technically a good thing. Change can reform you to a better version of you. It can either be physical change, psychological change, spiritual change, etc. It can be a simple switch with your bestie or a life-changing experience such as finally meeting ‘The one’ or a sudden car accident. Change usually happens in order to make you a far more better person than you were in the past. It makes you more conscious of your previous actions and makes you correct your mistakes so you never have to do it again in the near future. It may take place anytime, anyplace, at any circumstances; whether you’re ready or not. But then again, you cannot prepare for change; rather you anticipate it. It is a very overwhelming experience one should always cherish and look forward to. It is not something you should be terrified of rather it should be something you are ecstatic of. It is exciting, trust me. The exhilarating feeling you get when riding a roller coaster is nothing compared to the feeling of change. It’s funny how people take change negatively. Sure, some people change for the worse but that doesn’t mean you should stereotype and classify any form of change as a negative impulse. Change is very beneficial for you. You will surely derive positive things from change.


See, Change corrects us, defines us and most definitely refines our individuality. It is one of the key fundamentals of our whole-being. Change is also about making the right choices. Be mindful of your decisions because every single one you make triggers change. Again, Change is constant. It happens. It comes. It goes. But one thing you should know: You shouldn’t be afraid of it.