MOVIE REVIEW [The Maze Runner]

Apparently, the science-fiction world gave birth to another heart-stopping, adrenaline-induced movie aptly titled, The Maze Runner. Just like always, I’m about to give my thoughts about the said movie.

Let’s start with the positive notes. (This might take a while)

Graphics-wise, this movie has impressed me beyond compare. Like seriously, how were they able to come up with 100-ft metal walls, metal contraptions and amazing real-life grievers, I mean, come on! Even I was impressed. (this is a first!) It was very realistic, very modern, very up-to-date. It actually met the standards of a 21st-century sci-fi movie. It was really cool.

The actors were quite convincing too. They all acted as if everything was real which added to the awesomeness factor of the entire franchise. Dylan O’brien (Thomas) made sure that we would tune in to his story and made us ride the roller-coaster that is his life. And of course, we wouldn’t forget Blake Cooper (Chuck). He was a character that was easy to love. Although, of course, they have to stick with the book (otherwise, the fans would react rather violently), his sudden departure would surely not erase the mark he had left in our hearts. Admit it! We were all moved with his brave sacrifice for Thomas. Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt) and Ki Hong Lee (Minho) also gave justice to their given roles. I do think that their roles fit them quite snugly and I wouldn’t have thought of other actors who could do the role better than them. Kaya Scodelario (Teresa Agnes), who looks a lot like Kristen Stewart, suit her role just fine. In this movie, hollywood’s fresh faces has done an amazing job despite of being a newbie in the acting world.

The screenplay itself was an intense, action-packed roller-coaster that made me scream and stop breathing for a while. (seriously!) It’s like a thriller, mystery, and science all rolled into one. I couldn’t ask for more! Everything that I look for in a Sci-fi movie is laid out in front of me like one epic banquet. Every turn, every action makes you lean closer to the screen and wish that you were part of the chaos too. The Maze was a mystery on its own let alone the gladers that was the heart of the entire story. It revolves in a climactic, one-of-a-kind screenplay that set the bar even higher for upcoming sci-fi movies to come.

Speaking of Sci-fi…

We all can’t help comparing it to the worldwide phenomenon that is The Hunger Games. Obviously, they are two different stories but if you look at in in a Hunger Games fan’s perspective, you can’t help imagining the whole maze as an arena, the gladers as tributes, the glade as the cornucopia, WICKED as the gamemakers, Ava Paige as President snow/Seneca Crane or worse Alma Coin! See? They have a lot of similarities. Comparing them is inevitable. Even I am having a hard time looking at The Maze Runner as a different story from The Hunger Games.

Either way, thumbs-up to the crew, the staff, the author, the producers, the director, the production team, and the actors behind this enterprise. I am thoroughly impressed with their hardwork and dedication to bring life to this successful book. It’s not just a kids’ movie. It bites. It’s cool. It’s awesome. No wonder why all the teens are into it at the moment.

Let us not forget that this is a trilogy and the first movie being a success, I think it’s safe to say that we have to wait for Phase 2.

I’ll give it 8.5 out of 10 stars! Till next time. xx